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Hello all

Well, if you're reading this you're likely to either a) already know me or b) have clicked on the wrong link by accident. If you fall into the first category, then hi! If you fall into the second, here's a brief description of who I am:

My name is Chris Thomas and I am a Physics undergraduate at Imperial College London. As you may have guessed, I'm interested in the study of space, the solar system and the Universe as a whole , and this originally led me to start work on this website some years ago. The overall aim was to create a comprehensive, accurate collection of information (both factual and pictoral) about the Solar System, and to present it in an unconfusing way, which would be useful not only to those looking for specific information about the Solar System, but also to those with a general interest in such topics.
A great deal of care and research has gone into writing, designing and putting together each of the pages in this site. Most of the pages have been modified and added to many times to ensure the information is relevant, up-to-date and relatively uncomplicated. The sources used when researching information can be seen in the bibliography section.

Finally, if you're bored or just want someone to mailbomb, my email address is . If you believe you have spotted an error or important omission, please send me an e-mail too.

My personal website, devoted to photography, can be found here.
For a little page about the Stylecam Blink, click here.