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Site News

Please note that the site news is not updated every time a modification or minor addition is made to the site; these go on all the time. Major website additions or updates of the past few months however are listed here:

September 05

Various planet pages improved, with errors corrected and images added.

May 05

Solar Space Store updated, cleaned up and expanded.

Nov 04

Search engine added to website - links are on sidebar and frontpage.
'More Pictures' pages of Planets' now standardised.
Please note also that the urls of all pages on the site have now changed - page extensions are no longer .htm but .php instead. No immediate impact on client interface, but certain changes will now be easier for me to implement.

Oct 04

'More Pictures' pages added to Comets, Meteors and Asteroids sections.
Posters in store rotated.

Sept 04

Comets, Asteroids and Meteors sections overhauled and standardised.

Click here to view the old News Archive. Please note however that it is only meant as documentation of the site's beginnings and is no longer updated.

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