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International Space Station Multimedia

Welcome to SSS's ISS Multimedia Section - Animations are towards the bottom of the page. To save an image to disk right-click it and then select 'Save Picture As'.


You can click on most pictures for a bigger, better version

Click for a bigger image This picture, taken on the 15th December 2001 shows the ISS more or less as it is now. It was taken by Space Shuttle Endeavour as it was leaving the ISS. You can clearly see the robotic arm 'Canadarm2' sticking out from the orbital outpost at the bottom.
Click for a bigger image An pretty spectacular image of the ISS with the Earth as a backdrop.
Click for a bigger image A nice head-on view of the ISS - the full picture is very big and so takes a while to download (3.2mb) but it's an amazing, breathtaking picture and if you have the time I would reccomend viewing it.
Click for a larger version An early view of the ISS showing just the American Unity (at the bottom) and Russian Zvezda (on top) modules.
An interesting image, showing the 'Canadarm' robotic arm in the foreground and the Italian 'Raffaello' logistics transfer module at the top.
Click for a bigger image A great picture of the Unity Module being lifted out of Space Shuttle Endeavour with the Canadian Remote Manipulator System robotic arm.


You will need a player such as Microsoft Media Player or quicktime plug-into view these. Click on the images to play the videos

Click to Play Video This animation shows an external and internal view of Leonardo, the Italian-built Multi-Purpose Logistics Module used for transferring stuff accross to the ISS. (1.4mb)
Click to play the animation Here you can see the Leonardo Module being taken out of the Space Shuttle with its robotic arm, and fitted onto the International Space Station. (1.7mb)
Click to play the animation A spinning view of the complete International Space Station (1.4mb)