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Joining the Solar Space Station

The Solar Space Station is a gradually expanding source for information about the Solar System. In order to work further towards this aim, I am currently looking for anyone who wishes to help out at this site in one of two ways.


The main type of work that I am looking for help with is the task of translating this website into different languages. I am primarily looking for people with good knowledge of other European languages who think they would be able to translate parts of this site into another language. If you feel that you would be able to do some translating, even small amounts, please e-mail me at the address below.

    Writing articles

If you feel you would be able to write an article for this website, either for a new Solar System-related topic or to complement the material already online (eg looking at X planet's ring system, moons or whatever), please get in touch, at the address below. Any work submitted must be of a similar standard to the material in place at the moment, and must, of course, be 100% factually accurate.

    What are the benefits?

The satisfaction of putting your knowledge to work somewhere where it will help thousands of people who need to find out about the stuff that you know, rather than just keeping your knowledge inside your own brain where not many other people will find it helpful. There is also a certain degree of satisfaction in itself, in seeing your work in a place where it will be viewed by thousands of people and in seeing your name in (virtual) print. Researching and writing articles also help you learn more about our amazing solar system and the way it works, and will doubtlessly increase your knowledge and get you more interested in these things. You will also be given your very own personalised e-mail address.
Please note that any work, whether a new article or a translation, will remain your own intellectual property. It may however be edited in parts before it is put online.

    How do I submit an application?

Please e-mail me with the following details: Your Name, what sort of work you wish to undertake, and what areas you are particularly interested in working on.
The e-mail address is: