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Space-Related Links

Here is the list of space-related links. Please tell me if you find broken links. Links in no particular order.

Space Resource sites

The Universe Today

Space news from around the Internet, updated every weekday.

The Solar System in Pictures

Pictures and quizzes all about the Solar System (planets, asteroids, comets, the sun etc).

Red Colony

An interesting site all about Mars and the hypothetical colonization of it.


A good site where you can find some great pictures of space and man-made constructions in space.

NASA Space Science

The Space Science section of the NASA website [Has a lot of pictures]

Kepler Mission

A very well-organised and well-researched site about the Kepler Mission - the first space mission to find Earth-size planets outside of our Solar System.

Universe Today

Space News from around the world


A site which completely disproves those lunatic conspiracy-theorists who think all the moon landings were faked by NASA.

Space Agency sites

ESA - European Space Agency

Website of the fast-growing European Space Agency

ASI - Italian Space Agency

Home of the Italian Space Agency (In English)

BNSC - British National Space Centre

The British Space Agency main website

French Space Agency

French Space Agency website (in French)

Spanish Space Agency

Spanish Space Agency home (in Spanish)

DLR - German Space Agency

German Space Agency website

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration 

American Space Agency Website

NASDA - Japanese Space Agency

The Japanese Space Agency Website

CSA - Canadian Space Agency

Website of the Canadian Space Agency

IKI - Russian Space Research Institute

The Russian Space Research Institute website (in English)

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

The website of the United Nations Outer Space Affairs Office